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[Sep. 4th, 2005|10:37 pm]
Hogwarts and the Big Apple


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Harry stood on the corner of a bus stop, his glasses askew and his head buried in a massively large book. He was trying to finish it before third period, because Hermione had promised to lend him her copy of Eragon then, and he really wanted to start it. As soon as he got it.

He turned the pages feverishly, his head getting closer and closer to the paper as seconds went on.

And then his best friend Ron was walking by, grinning in that general happy-go-lucky way of his. “Hey, mate,” he said, the grin never leaving his face. Harry’s didn’t leave the pages of the book, either, but Ron was used to that anyway.

“So what’s up?” he asked easily, not really caring if Harry answered him or not. He knew he’d get it out of him later anyway, when his head wasn’t glued to another book.

“Hm. Reading,” Harry murmured. At this point, his glasses were so crooked Ron wasn’t sure if he could even see. He probably could.

“Yeah, well, don’t let Hermione catch you reading that,” he advised wisely. “If she sees you reading another book over 500 pages instead of doing your homework—well, you know.”

“Sure,” was the indistinct reply.

Ron rolled his eyes.

“Hey, here comes the bus. And Seamus.” He waved to the Irish boy, at the same time going through his bag for his Metrocard.

“Hey guys,” Seamus greeted. “What’s happenin’?” For some reason he smirked when he said this; and Ron smirked back. It seemed as if they were enjoying a private joke of their own. One that was about Harry. Not that the black-haired boy cared; he was too busy devouring his precious book.

Which was probably what they found so amusing.

The bus then chose this moment to stop in front of them, and the boys (not including Ron) spent a full three minutes trying to find their cards. Then they stepped up, swiped, and away they went.

They got off of the final stop, in front of an enormous, looming building that was a lot less scary than it looked. That was what the teachers always said, anyway.

“Well, here it is,” Ron said. No one knew why, but he said that every time they entered and stared at the front of the building. Seamus smiled, and Harry turned to another page.

School was now in session.


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